Not all Internet connections are made equal and we understand they are an essential requirement for businesses. RMD Technology is an independent multi-carrier ISP providing a wide variety of access technologies to deliver tailored solutions for internet connectivity.

We offer managed connectivity options nationwide with access to all the major telecommunication providers. This means that we can source the best solutions available and integrate them into your business.

Fibre Optic

Ethernet over Copper




Private IP

Business ADSL

Integrated data centre access

Redundant failover services

Managed firewalls

Our services are monitored 24/7, we measure the quality of all our links in real time. Packet loss or jitter indicate a fault, so we don’t simply rely on the on/off support model most telco’s deliver. Our customers are businesses and rightfully they should expect a higher level of service from their ISP for something that is an essential service; it’s mission critical, the internet is tied to how all businesses function.

Reach out to the friendly team at RMD Technology, we are ready to provide knowledge and advice.