SLA – Terms and Conditions

SLA – Terms & Conditions

RMD Technology, provides on-site, off-site and remote computer maintenance, support and consulting services. The services provided to the customer, are subject to the following terms and conditions. By confirming a RMD Technology booking, the customer accepts these Terms and Conditions.

1. Rates
RMD Technology will attend the customer at prearranged times. The Customer will pay for all services provided, at RMD Technology supplied rates.

2. Working Hours
RMD Technology Services normal working hours are Monday through Friday, 08:30 to 17:00. An overtime fee will be charged for any additional working hours. The overtime rate will be charged at one and a half times the normal hourly rate.

3. Response Times

4. Cancellation
4.1 RMD Technology must be notified of any appointment cancellations, by no later than 4 hours, prior to the appointment.
4.2 If the RMD Technology technician offers a solution that the customer does not wish to use, the customer will be charged for the time spent up to this point.
4.3 If the technician is prevented from resolving a problem because the customer does not posses the appropriate software disks, drivers or product serial numbers, the customer will be charged for the time spent up to that point.
4.4 If the technician diagnoses a fault with a customer’s Internet Service Provider, even when the ISP denies any fault, the customer will be charged the standard rates for the time spent.
4.5 If the technician diagnoses a faulty with a customer’s IT equipment, but not fixed, customer will be charge for time spent for diagnoses only.

5. Liabilities
5.1 RMD Technology accepts no liability in respect of any problem(s) it is not able to remedy due to any matter beyond its control. Including, but not limited to, the age, specification or condition of the customer’s hardware and or software. As well as a customer’s failure to provide appropriate software disks, drivers, product serial numbers or any fault with the customer’s ISP.
5.2 The customer hereby confirms that a full back up of the customer’s hard-drive has been made prior to RMD Technology commencing services. The customer further confirms that there is no legal restriction or impediment to RMD Technology providing Services to the customer.
5.3 RMD Technology shall, under no circumstances, be liable, either in contract, tort or otherwise for any damage or injury caused to the customer, its employees, agents or any third parties. Including, without limitation, any direct and or indirect or consequential damages, expenses, costs, profits, lost savings, earnings, interruption to business activity, lost or corrupted data or other liability arising out of or related to services provided by RMD Technology or out of installation, De-installation, use of, or inability to use the customer’s computer equipment, hardware, software or peripherals. The customer will, upon demand, indemnify RMD Technology in respect to loss, damage or injury arising from the provision of services. RMD Technology has no liability to the Customer for data loss or damage incurred in any circumstances whatsoever.

6. Confidentiality
RMD Technology will maintain the confidentiality of the customer’s files and or data. RMD Technology further undertakes not to provide any customer information to any third party, save in the event that it is lawfully required to do so. RMD Technology reserves the right to refuse the provision of services for any reason. Including, but not limited to, the presence of unlicensed or illegal software and or material of an obscene or pornographic nature on a customer’s computer. If, for such reason, RMD Technology terminates services, the customer shall be liable for any charges incurred in respect to the time spent on site by the RMD Technology’s technician. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of all passwords.

7. Goods provided by RMD Technology
RMD Technology may make recommendations to the customer, or the customer may request that a product be provided by RMD Technology, in order for RMD Technology to perform services. All expressed or implied warranties, descriptions, representatives and conditions as to the quality or compatibility in respect of services, any item of software, hardware or peripheral provided by RMD Technology, are expressly excluded. RMD Technology has no liability as to the suitability of the performance of services. Nor of any product manufactured, sold or supplied by a third party, whether or not that product has been recommended to the customer by RMD Technology. Any hardware, software or equipment provided to the customer by RMD Technology shall remain the property of RMD Technology until full payment is received.

8. Complaints Policy
In the event of any dissatisfaction with service provided by RMD Technology, the customer should immediately contact RMD Technology in writing at [email protected], no later than 5 working days. The technician who originally completed the service, will endeavor to rectify the problem. If the cause of the dissatisfaction was due to a matter beyond the control of RMD Technology, the Customer shall pay for the additional time incurred at RMD Technology normal rates.

All quotes and prices are provided E&OE, are subject to change without prior notice, are merely an estimation as to the final costs based on the information at hand. Delivery charges may apply that are not expressly listed and these charges depend on stock location, delivery location and delivery time frame. The customer accepts that it is their responsibility to obtain these delivery charges in writing prior to delivery commencing. Only written quotes can be seen as “valid” offers and this validity period is only for 7 (Seven) calendar days from the day the quote was generated, If a quote has no date indicated, the date the original document was created will be taken as the date the quote was generated.

10. Warranty
RMD Technology provides a limited 90 day warranty for workmanship and services rendered. Provided that the user has not modified the equipment or settings in any way, following a service carried out. The warranty does not include any hardware, whatsoever. Any internal components bought from RMD Technology and installed into a PC must be performed by a RMD Technology technician or other recognized computer technicians.

11. Delivery
Although we endeavor to meet all appointments and deliver orders promptly, no absolute guarantee is given of any appointments or delivery timescales.

12. Payments
Late payments will lead to immediate suspension of service. Payments can be made by Cash, Electronic Transfers.

13. Software Licensing
All software licensing is the customer’s responsibility. This includes the storage of license certificates and disk.

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