Cloud VPS Hosting

RMD Technology’s specialised virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a unique service in South Africa, aimed at organisations using accounting or financial services and wanting to move them to a private cloud-hosting service. RMD Technology has been backing up the accounting and financial systems of thousands of South African organisations since 2009.

Not all organisations are ready to move to cloud-based accounting services because, in many cases, these services don’t have the comprehensive functionality they require. However there’s now no reason why an organisation can’t host desktop applications on a virtual private server. This provides an organisation with the best of both worlds: the ability to continue using highly featured accounting systems combined with hosting them in a secure, private cloud infrastructure.

RMD Technology has built a dedicated hosting environment for accounting and financial systems. It is hosted in our private cloud infrastructure and offered with additional services to ensure safety, cyber security and disaster recovery availability. We specialise in hosting services for Sage Evolution and Sage ERP Solutions.

It’s easy to move to a hosted environment. Our help is included!

We use one of two methods to migrate your servers to our infrastructure, depending on your server infrastructure.

We can install a VMware converter tool to migrate your server infrastructure directly to our hosted platform across a secure VPN tunnel.

We can take a full system backup of your servers and then restore your VMDK files to a VM created for you. It’s easily configured and managed from a hardware resources point of view. Recovering from a disaster is far simpler and faster if you have the correct disaster recovery support.

It’s much safer to host your servers off your premises as it eliminates the risk of power issues, hardware failure and the possibility of theft. It allows you to access your servers from multiple locations with ease.

It’s hosted in a tier 3 data centre on reliable, redundant hardware with dual power supply, fire proofing, air-cooling, backup generators and Internet connectivity.

Networking and firewall configuration and testing is done before any hosted failover begins. Note that all licensing should be maintained, and applications and systems will remain intact during and after the migration.

How do we get started

  1. Initial engagement
  2. Quotation
  3. Acceptance
  4. Setup project migration
  5. Project migration
  6. Execution
  7. Testing phase
  8. Go-live
  9. Post implementation review
  10. Regular DR simulations and reports
  11. Annual requirement review

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