Affordable online cloud backup for off-site data protection

Free Initial Seeding

Too much data to upload over your internet connection? We help you package portal media and let you courier it to us for immediate upload.

Ransomware Protection

Real-Time Ransomware Protection is included at no additional fee with all our backup plans. Using intelligent pattern identification, Real-Time protection stops a ransomware attack in it’s tracks.

Application Plugins

Backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server®, Active Directory® and Office 365 mailbox data is a total breeze with free plug-ins. Also included is VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer agentless backup agents.

Restore Your Files Fast

Download your files from any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world. Continue working on that lost document or even restore an entire system.

Hybrid Data Protection

Storing your files on-premises and in the cloud allows you to always have immediate access to your data in the quickest and easiest ways possible

488 Bit Encryption

The key is in your hands. Before your data even leaves your premises, it’s encrypted using the highest standards. Your data would be useless to anybody who managed to come across it – on-site or in the cloud.

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