Is the SA government taking the necessary steps to protect our Cyberspace?

As the world’s largest Crime Zone the need for South Africa to implement cyber security measures and legislation has become ever more apparent. According to industry experts, unlike various international destinations, South Africa and other such developing nations have limited to non-existent cyber security laws, and that of course presents various problems. Access to the […]

The truth about cloud computing

How many times have you heard people speak about their systems being cloud based? The concept of cloud computing has become one of high focus because there are many benefits involved – both for the service providers and for the consumers. But as with anything there are risks and a downside involved as well and […]

Why you should get a professional to handle your IT

Most of us rely heavily on computer systems in our businesses, and we need the best possible maintenance and support of these systems. Modern computer technology may appear to be really simple to the end user, but this is an illusion as the underlying software is extremely complex. So, who should you put in charge […]

How to keep your IT Infrastructure running during load shedding

How to keep your IT Infrastructure running during load shedding Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong it will – and it will happen at the most inconvenient time. This principle also applies to our company IT infrastructure and we are well advised to create a continuity plan so that we are prepared […]