Safeguarding Your Data from Ransomware In the Cloud

2016 seemed to be the year of ransomware and you would think that by now businesses would have it under control and be able to safeguard themselves, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. It may come as a surprise, but ransomware is not really new, it’s probably just never been this bad. […]

How Latest Technology is Being Used for Good – Saving the Rhino

It’s no secret that the Rhino has suffered at the hands of hard, unfeeling criminals for their horns and never more so than in the last year or two! As a result, Rhino numbers are decreasing rapidly and there’s a serious risk of extinction in the near future if nothing major is done. While the […]

How Cloud Computing is Improving Healthcare in Remote Populations

It’s no secret that technology plays a huge role in the healthcare industry. In fact, it’s helped with diagnosing and treating illnesses and diseases. One area that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves in the medical industry is just how much good cloud computing has brought about for the poorer or more remote […]

Do you Autofill or Auto Fill? Beware of Becoming a Victim of your Personal Details

Are you, like most of us, guilty of taking the short cut and using autofill to complete online forms? Well perhaps it’s time to think again and go back to the good old days of automatically filling out your details field by field! Signing in and out of apps, into programs and online systems, while […]