Best Apps to Start off 2017

2017 could very well be the year of apps with so many new ones making their way to the market. At RMD Technology we like to keep up to date with all the latest trends in the digital space, and especially apps that focus on security. In this way we keep ourselves informed of this ever changing industry and the changes we need to make in order to adapt our own security accordingly, while keeping our customers primed as well.

Below are just a few of the many apps that will serve you well in 2017, both in business and in your personal capacity too:

1Password – this app is perfect for helping you sort out your security issues, especially if you’re using an Android device. It’s free to download and is designed to generate strong passwords that can be used online. The app stores passwords securely for the user. All of the passwords can be accessed via the app by using just one password. It makes thing simple!

Streaks – this app will cost you, but it’s well worth it. A 2016 Apple Design Awards Winner, this app is designed to help you store 6 tasks to be completed daily. The app requires you to “check off” tasks as you complete them. It’s great for ensuring that you don’t forget important tasks and that you keep working towards goals. What sort of tasks should you set? Why not set reminders for doing your online backups, checking security systems and features at work, and so on.

Gluru – this app is more of a predictive taskmaster and is a free download to an Android device. While still in its infancy, the app is able to use AI to predict tasks and projects that you need to do next. This one is interesting as it perfectly demonstrates how systems and programs can dig into your emails and apps to gather information. It would be fun to try out, but make sure that your personal information is kept safe and secure at the same time.

Breakfree – and just when you are wondering how many more apps you can possibly find to download, we find one that might just tell you to break free from your apps and your mobile device for a while! Do you have any idea how many hours you spend on your phone, a few of which could be better spent in a more constructive way? BreakFree will monitor your usage, allowing you to track your digital habits while also providing tools that enable you to schedule downtime when you can quite literally, cut loose.

We probably don’t need to tell you, but one of the most important applications you can make this year is to apply yourself to ensuring that you are secure and up to date with your online backup – and we can offer you that.

Our online backup system can cater to your computers and all devices connected to your network. You can check out the features of our backup services with encryption, for added safety, to see just how our services can benefit you and your business this year.