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RMD Technology provides data management services including cloud backup, disaster recovery and specialised server hosting in a private cloud. We also offer cyber-crime and ransomware prevention and business continuity planning services. These services enable our clients to prevent disasters that could impact their organisations and to manage their systems and data effectively within a legal framework.

We do this by offering great products hosted in South Africa, priced correctly and with unbelievable support.

Our Services

Cloud Backup

When you lose your data, our cloud backup technology and real human support will get it back for you. Our cloud backup service is hosted in South Africa and offers a fully secured environment, full recovery, and excellent support Learn More. Trial.

Cloud / VPS Hosting

Learn about RMD Technology’s specialized virtual private server (VPS) hosting, which provides private cloud hosting for our Global SME and Corporate clients. learn more.

Cyber Security

Your information is at risk. More than 400,000 variants of malicious software are released every day. Your antivirus is not enough. Our cyber security solutions will prevent and protect against cyber threats 100% of the time. Learn more.

Advanced Data Management Solutions

Data is your business’s most important asset and deserves top management. RMD Technology provides comprehensive cloud management from SumoBackup software platform. Including Backup as a service, Disaster Recovery as a service, Detection as a service and Archiving services. Learn More.

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